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Prof. Vincent Onywera delivers a Keynote Address in Mauritius

Prof. Vincent Onywera was invited by the University of Mauritius to deliver a keynote address during a scientific workshop organized as part of the University’s golden jubilee celebrations. Prof. Onywera’s topic was: Physical Activity for Health and wellness: The need for a multispectral approach. The organization of a scientific workshop on physical activity for long-term health was aimed at providing a platform for the scientific community, policy makers, healthcare professionals, and captains of the agro-food industry as well as the civil society to express their views on nutrition and physical activity based on available scientific evidence.The Department of Biosciences and Health Sciences, University of Mauritius played a pivotal role in the organization of the event which took place on Friday 20th November 2015 at the Auditorium Octave Wiehe, Reduit.

Congratulations to Dr.Vincent Onywera on his Promotion to Associate Professorship

Dr.Vincent Onywera, the PAAT project leader and principal investigator has been promoted to the position of Associate Professor by the Kenyatta University Council in Nairobi, Kenya. Dr.Onywera has been engaged in a number of collaborative projects with researchers from all over the world in the area of healthy active living. His collaborative ventures have resulted in a number of outputs including but not limited to the development of the KIDSCAN Research Alliance, Healthy Active Kids Kenya, several capacity building initiatives in Kenya, successful supervision of several postgraduate students both at masters and PhD level, publication of several papers and winning of research grants among others. We congratulate Prof. Onywera on his promotion and wish him success in his future endeavors.

Ann-Kathrin Visits Kenyatta University

Ann-Kathrin, a Master student in Sport Science from KIT (Karlsruher Institutfür Technologie) in Karlsruhe, Germany, with special profile in sport and movement in childhood and youth, visited Kenyatta University in August 2015 as an intern, where she participated in the IDRC project work

 Postgraduate Students Present their Research Papers

Sylvester Hayker, (PhD Candidate) and Project Coordinator in the IDRC funded project in Kenya, successfully defended his PhD proposal on the 30th April 2015, at the department of Recreation Management and Exercise Science’s Post Graduate Board, and passed. .>>Read More......

Neighborhood Walkability Study (NEWS)

Data collection for NEWS, which was conducted concurrently with the PAAT data collection using the same participating children is completed with 40 participating children drawn from each area (Urban, Sub-urban and Rural). The data entry is also complete awaiting analysis. This NEWS has been designed to help understand more about where people live and how this may impact their ability and willingness to walk, move about and play. 

Experts raise alarm over rising number of fat children in towns

How too much TV, little or no real games is ‘killing’ children

Kenya’s 2014 Report Card on the Physical Activity and Body Weight of Children and Youth released

Kenya’s 2014 Report Card on the physical activity and body weight of children and youth was released by Dr.Vincent Onywera on Friday 4th April 2014 at 10:00 a.m at Kenyatta University,Kenya.The colorful ceremony was graced by Prof.Olive Mugenda, the Vice Chancellor of Kenyatta University, ........... [Read more]

 maputo conference

KIDS-CAN Researchers  present at a conference in Mozambique

Graduate students Stella Muthuri (HALO) and Joy Wachira (Kenyatta University) made presentations at the Physical Activity and Sports for Health and Development in Africa Conference in Maputo, Mozambique this week. The authors and titles of the presentations are provided below and details of the conference are available at: http://www.pashda2014.com/eng/Scientific-Program/General-Program-Information.

IUNS International congress in Granada,Spain    (website link)

Newsletter(Page6) on IUNS 2013 Congress in Granada

Kid-Can Team Secures Can $ 449,200 Grant From IDRC

KIDS-CAN team through Dr.Vincent Onywera ,Dr.Mark Tremblay and Richard Larouche have secured a grant worth CAN $ 449,200 from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) to conduct a research project entitled, ' Assessment of physical activity and active transport among school children ........... [Read more]

 The Power to Move KIDS Global Summit on the physical activity of children

The event brings together leading researchers and practitioners to address the growing childhood physical inactivity crisis.Come meet dynamic, forward-thinking leaders in the field of childhood physical activity.…[Read more...]

Are we driving our Kids to unhealthy habits?

Active transportation – walking, biking, in-line skating and skateboarding to get to and from places such as school, parks and shops – has long been known to be an important source of physical activity for children and youth..[Read more]

Adiposity and Physical Activity Among Children in Countries at Different Stages of the Physical Activity Transition: Canada, Mexico and Kenya

Dr. Vincent Onywera (Visiting Scholar from Kenya in 2009), Dr. Kristi Adamo, Dr. Mark Tremblay and their colleagues have co-written a paper, “Adiposity and physical activity among children in countries at different stages of the physical activity transition: [read more]



Physical Activity and Active Transport (PAAT) Research Project began with the training of research assistants on data quality management i.e. data collection and quality control. This paved way for data collection.  PAAT involves four research locations: Kenya, Nigeria, Mozambique and Canada. The Kenya site (Kenyatta University) serves as the coordinating centre for the project.

>>Read More......

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